When Knowledge counts

Revealing the value of knowledge


Insight in current situation

We live in a knowledge-driven economy where a significant part of our economic growth and welfare relies on knowing exactly why, how, when and to whom to provide which product or service.

Times have changed, so has the value of knowledge.

We are witnessing a historic shift in our economies as more and more businesses derive greater value from intangible rather than tangible assets. Examples of intangible assets, such as reputation, social impact, sustainability and knowledge capital are becoming increasingly important in our evolving economy. In just a few decades the composition of the (added) value of companies has been completely turned upside down.

Despite the recognition of having entered a completely new era, there is one thing that still has not changed: the metrics that markets and investors use to evaluate a company's success. Nearly two decades into the 21st century, businesses worldwide are still reporting to financial markets based on accounting principles from the 1970s. This was a time before most people had personal computers, let alone the technology that is prevalent today.

Knowledge has become one of the most critical assets of our companies, but it’s often largely implicit and hidden. Knowtice creates insight into this intangible asset and provides guidance in this new era.


Knowtice focuses on mapping knowledge risks and opportunities

We do this through an instrument and an associated ecosystem of services, developed by a team of successful entrepreneurs and leading professors in innovation and knowledge management.

Online Tooling

We provide state-of-the-art easy to use online tooling to collect the required data of the knowledge capital of organisations. Based on modern technologies, the acquired information is analysed and presented in (customized) easy to interpret dashboards.


We have developed several training programs that focus on all the relevant topics of the knowledge capital of organisations. In these trainings, theoretical and practical sides are combined to provide substantiated and useful guidelines.


We have developed a special training program for knowledge management and change consultants in particular. After successful completion of this program you will be certified in implementing our solutions.


We regularly publish articles about relevant developments in the field of knowledge capital and related topics. Thanks to our network, we have direct access to leading initiatives within this domain.


Our solutions are based on a methodology and a framework. Based on this solid foundation, we create the necessary insights and action perspectives and help our customers and partners to succeed.


Different challenges ask for different practices

In today's knowledge-intensive organisations, a multitude of people are involved in the knowledge capital. As a result, our solutions offer opportunities for a large group of different professionals.

Management & executives

Management and executives use this tool to integrate the knowledge perspective in their decision-making processes. This ensures continuity, improves business performance and stimulates innovation. The Knowledge Scorecard gives also the opportunity to report on the company’s knowledge as a valuable asset towards external stakeholders.


Investors use our solution for better business valuations during the due diligence processes of potential investments.


Employees use this instrument to better understand how their knowledge contributes to the goals and objectives of the organization and at the same time work on their personal development and future perspectives.

Consulting firms

Management consulting firms and accountancy firms use the Knowledge Scorecard towards their clients, which gives these firms a new, added value approach and a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Knowtice

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Managing Partner

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Sales Manager

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AI scientist