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"The Knowledge Scorecard provides insight into the knowledge vitality of a company, like the way accounting provides insight into the financial health."

When it comes to making decisions, giving advice or assessing companies, we like to use figures, financial figures. They give an impression of the performance and how the organization is doing.

However, it is a retrospective and only the "tip of the iceberg." A company possesses additional types of capital. Valuable input needed for a healthy company, now and in the future.

One form of capital with which a company delivers value and differentiates itself is knowledge. With the introduction of the Knowledge Scorecard, a company and its stakeholders can now also communicate about this capital, knowledge capital.

Meet the Knowledge Scorecard

The Knowledge Scorecard is the first user-friendly solution ever for evaluating and valuing the knowledge capital of organizations.

By identifying risks, opportunities and solutions, the Knowledge Scorecard supports the rapid, smart and straightforward strengthening of the organization, providing distinctive advice and performing reliable due diligence.

Target groups


"Future-proof business"

Management, executives and employees use the Knowledge Scorecard to retain relevant knowledge, facilitate talent, innovate successfully, develop new revenue models and demonstrate value.


"Increasing added value"

Accountants are expanding their expertise with the Knowledge Scorecard and addressing the increasing demands of their clients for advice and reporting, regarding non-financial information.


"More successful financing"

With the Knowledge Scorecard, funders can assess applications for funding with more certainty, thanks to insight into the potential and the risks of the knowledge capital of applicants during due diligence.

Unique features

1. Overview and insight

Create overviews rapidly and easily with relevant information about objectives, crucial knowledge and experts within the organization.

2. Choice of solutions

Take immediate action with clear advice on solutions, including impact and investment.

3. KPIs & benchmark

Share and assess how future-proof the organization is, with representative indicators and comparisons with industry peers.


Maurice Nijssen

Frank Harmsen

Paul Iske

Stan Dieteren

Information & contact

Knowtice is founded to help organizations and stakeholders communicate about knowledge capital. Knowledge is considered extremely important, but there is hardly any systematic overview of the knowledge in organizations. Knowledge is therefore insufficiently maintained, used to a limited extent and not properly valued. This is unfortunate and causes unnecessary problems. The founders enable Knowtice and its clients to fill this gap.

What is knowledge capital?

Knowledge capital is knowledge that is or can be important to a person or organization. It is about information, ideas and insights that enable someone to, for example, help clients, carry out assignments, acquire new clients and develop products & services.

How does the Knowledge Scorecard work?

The Knowledge Scorecard is online software (SAAS solution) that includes questionnaires. The answers to questions from management & executives and employees are enriched with information from other sources such as CVs and process descriptions. These data are plotted and analyzed in a framework. Based on this, the software displays dashboards that match the information needs of the various target groups.

How often do I have to perform the Knowledge Scorecard?

The Knowledge Scorecard can be filled in and updated at any time, for example for a application for funding or when a major change in the organization occurs. In normal business operations, the Knowledge Scorecard is usually updated once every quarter. Completing the questionnaires takes between 10 and 40 minutes.

What does the Knowledge Scorecard cost?

The license costs of the Knowledge Scorecard consist of a yearly flat fee plus a fee per user. Contact us for a quote that fits your situation (e-mail) or enter your details and we will contact you..

Who are the organizations behind Knowtice?

Knowtice originates from a collaboration between PNA and KnocoM. The Knowtice team can therefore rely on the extensive experience of these organizations and their successful entrepreneurs. PNA helps organizations to prevent knowledge waste and provides solutions for compliance with laws and regulations. PNA serves large, national and international organizations such as ABN AMRO, ADP, Dutch Tax & Customs Administration and ESA with consultancy, training and software. PNA also actively contributes to world standards in its field. COMPO provides software solutions that prove their strength on a national and international level, such as FIFA World Cups and the Olympic Winter Games. By continuously combining extensive experience with the latest technologies, COMPO delivers reliable, modern software that makes organizations more efficient and safer. KnocoM is the company of Paul Iske, professor of Open Innovation & Business Venturing at Maastricht University. Paul masters setting up successful initiatives for knowledge management and innovation from his former positions within Shell and ABN AMRO, as Chief Dialogues Officer. Paul is a popular speaker and consultant in the Netherlands and abroad.